Restroom Sanitation

Studies show that unsanitary restroom conditions will drive 30% of customers away.*

Restrooms are the hardest to keep clean, yet the most important room to clean! This often small space deals with high traffic throughout the day and can harbor bacteria and viruses, as well as spread germs among building occupants and visitors.

Clean Restrooms Make for Happy Tenants

And dirty restrooms get noticed!

In a recent survey, conducted online by Harris Interactive, for Cintas Corporation, in July 2013, among 3,130 adults ages 18 and older, revealed what people makes people think public restrooms are "dirty":

Dirty or sticky floors 93 %
Un-flushed toilets 90 %
Odor 89 %
Overflowing trash cans 88%
Paper towels or toilet paper on the floor 80%
Lack of toilet paper/paper towels 67 %
Empty soap dispensers 55 %
Water around the sink area 42 %
Old or outdated soap dispensers 29 %


Broken doors or toilet seats, low lighting, graffiti, dirty fixtures, soiled toilet seats and water or urine on the floors were other items noted indicating levels of uncleanliness.

The more times someone touches a contaminated surface and then touches areas on their face (eyes, nose or mouth), the greater the chance for transmission of human microbial pathogens. (Source: CDC/Harris Interactive, 2008)


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